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The 5 Day First Date

Our first date was a quiet December night-in getting to know each other better. Although we had separate plans the following evening, the simple act of returning forgotten keys turned into a second date dancing the night away. As fate would have it, the third day was New Years Eve where Michael had planned a gathering. Without giving it much thought, we publicly declared our interest  in each other with a midnight kiss. We spent the entirety of New Year's Day together before saying goodbye over brunch on Jan. 2. The memory of that whirlwind weekend is forever etched in our hearts, each memento a testament to the serendipity of our love.

Lunar Engagement 

A total lunar eclipse occurred on Tuesday, 8 November 2022.  It surpassed the previous eclipse as the longest total lunar eclipse visible from nearly all of North America since 17 August 1989, and until 26 June 2029. Taking advantage of the celestial symphony, Sean decided to propose at a moment woven into the fabric of the universe itself. 

Beneath the ethereal glow of a 2 a.m. lunar eclipse in the otherworldly expanse of Joshua Tree National Park, Sean orchestrated a proposal with a ring crafted from a meteorite and an ultimatum that our lives never become stagnant.  It was a convergence of cosmic forces, a declaration of love written in the language of the universe. And as the lunar eclipse painted the desert landscape in shades of mystic allure, our journey towards forever began amidst the celestial embrace of Joshua Tree.

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Annual Pilgramage

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Since 2018, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakefront has become a cherished tradition for us. Every Memorial Day, we eagerly anticipate this adventure, where camping, hiking, and culinary experimentation intertwine to create memories that linger long after the week fades. Where most people see camping food as sustenance, we see it as a challenge - chili is a staple, and paella has quickly become a new favorite. Although Michael will tell you differently, our next conquest will be lakeside wood fired pizzas!


3 out of 3 passersby agree we have the best beach spot in all of Sleeping Bear, so we tend to spend the majority of our time in the sand. Here, we surrender to the rhythm of the waves, spending hours upon hours basking in the sun's warm embrace, before relaxing around the campfire when the sun sets and the stars rise. These day long sojourns are more than just a tradition; they're a testament to our shared love for nature's beauty and each other's company, forging bonds that grow stronger with each passing year. It was only natural that we decided to mirror our wedding celebration with our yearly pilgrimage. 

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