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Nuptials atop Bay Mountain

As self proclaimed 'Lake People', the only venue worth pursuing was one where Lake Michigan could stand witness to our union. We invite our cherished guests to arrive promptly to take in the views of the sun setting into the watery horizon. You'll be facing the west, so sunglasses are advisable. Accessible only by a scenic skin lift, we encourage everyone to embrace the adventure and savor the journey to our mountaintop celebration. For those seeking alternative transportation, arrangements can be made on the resorts golf cart to ensure everyone arrives comfortably. Let's embark on this magical journey together, where love meets the beauty of nature in a setting unlike any other.

The Officant - Jim Obergefell

When Sean attended law school, he was determined to be in the room where it happened. In 2015, he posted up in front of the Supreme Court of the United States for a total of 4 days in order to witness the oral argument in the landmark decision Obergefell v. Hodges. The Obergefell decision, as it became known, guaranteed the constitutional right to marriage equality throughout all 50 states. The name plaintiff (the term that describes whose name appears on a consolidated appeal) was Jim Oberfefell. He sued the state of Ohio in 2013, due to the state's lack of legal recognition of his marriage to his husband, John Arthur (1967–2013). Jim made it clear that he didn’t go to court for financial reasons - he was only entitled to survivor benefits totaling $255 - but rather, he was determined to stand up and demand the respect he and his husband deserved. His courage shaped the world we live in today. Knowing his story, and being from Ohio himself, Sean decided he needed to meet Jim. Throughout the 4 days he spent in-line he met a number of wonderful folks, including plaintiffs all through the United States - but not Jim. Fortunately, fate had other plans. Upon arriving to the Supreme Court’s chambers Sean was the third person to enter and, eventually, overheard that the person sitting behind him was also from Ohio. That person turned out to be none other than Jim Obergefell. Sean was overjoyed not only to meet him, but to use his studies to help explain the procedure of what was going on around them. This story is Sean’s favorite to tell, and we remain overwhelmed and eternally grateful that Jim has agreed to officiate our special day.

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The Reception

Prepare to be transported to a celestial realm as we continue our celebration at the Mountain Flowers Lodge. Inspired by the enchanting beauty of a starry sky and the mystique of constellations, there is no better place to see the stars than in a dark sky community. We invite our guests to embrace the celestial vibes by donning sparkling attire, adding to the shimmering ambiance of the evening. Let's dance under the stars and create memories that will shine as brightly as the constellations above.

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